5 Ways to Enjoy a Holiday Down Under

Heading Down Under for your holidays means finding a rich assortment of activities and places to keep you busy. Between Australia and New Zealand, you’ll find diverse landscape, plenty of amazing beaches, nightlife and stunningly unusual geography to astound landscape-loving tourists. Here are five ways to enjoy a holiday Down Under.

1. Explore the exotic Outback.

Australia’s Outback is a vast desert and one of the most surreal and beautiful landscapes on earth. See wild kangaroos and dingoes, explore ancient craters, escape to deep gorges and get up close to the famous red bluff, Ayers Rock.

2. Surf it up. Both Australia and New Zealand offer some of the world’s best surfing beaches, with fantastic waves and summery weather that won’t quit. Particularly along Australia’s eastern Gold Coast are some of the top surfing beaches on earth.

3. Visit wine country.

New Zealand and Australia are both wine producing countries, and New Zealand is renowned for its wonderful white wines hailing from the lush Marlborough region of the North Island.

4. Find Middle Earth.

Anyone who saw the Lord of the Rings movies will want to explore the real Middle Earth: New Zealand. The trilogy was filmed all over the country and many tours offer visitors a chance to get acquainted with the stunning scenery of Hobbiton, Rivendell and Rohan.

5. Urban nightlife.

You’ll find no shortage of vibrant nightlife Down Under, as Kiwis and Aussies alike love to party. From cosy pubs to spirited sports bars, if you’re looking for a good time, you’ll definitely find it Down Under. Melbourne is known as Australia’s nightlife capital, with a great indie music scene and plenty of clubs and bars to keep you busy all night long!

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