A Dazzling World in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, bountiful in splendor. Like a land flowing with milk and honey with surreptitious depth that is yet to be explored, this island in the sun beckons every willing explorer, an opportunity of a life time. Blessed with beauty beyond description that is expressed in every cascading waterfall or meandering river, the majesty of this isle never ceases.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has a thriving marine diversity of some of the most unique species in the world. The power to be enthralled by the marine life of this ocean which few have seen and yet fewer have experienced is only one of the many types of scenery that nature can paint. This tear drop shaped isle is perfectly juxtaposed to the equator, encircled by warm currents that lure in the abounding aquatic life.

Amoung the scintillating array of vividly colourful corals and mystifying tropical fish are the glorious whales and dolphins that roam in haphazard tranquility in total oblivion to the world above. Sri Lanka located in the way of their migration path; the pearl of great price in the necklace of dazzling marine mammals, the world’s largest mammal; the blue whale, the humpback whale, bryde’s whale and the sperm whale have been an attraction not too uncommon.

Sri Lanka travel and tourism is gathering momentum with this tropic fast becoming a major spot for Dolphin and Whale watching. On a wildlife holiday, in quest of the mystery of the seas a pack of chirpy Dolphins frolicking without a care in the world is the ocean’s art of welcome. Numerous varieties such as bottle nose and spinners cavort around the island particularly in locations from the east coast of Trincomalee, to the southern Dondra Point and the western coast of Alankuda beach in Kalpitiya, Mirissa which are typically some of the cetacean hotspots that reward ones thirst for magnificence, in a manner that is Truly Sri Lankain every way. Visit the Truly Sri Lanka website to find out more about dolphin and whale watching in the isle of Sri Lanka.

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