A Mystical Journey: Taking a Volcano Tour in Hawaii

Nothing offers a deep connection to the planet’s past than a volcano tour in Hawaii. Exhibiting a mystical allure that is reminiscent of the early days of our planet, the Hawaiian volcanoes offer an unparalleled experience to any visitor who invests their time to explore these fiery geographical features. Unlike other volcanoes in the world, the volcanoes in Hawaii allow you to explore an active volcano safely. This can be done through arranged hiking activities that take you close to the edges of volcanic craters, exposing you to the scenic beauty of majestic waterfalls, lush rainforests, and beaches with black sand. The most visited place in Hawaii is the Volcanoes National Park on Big Island. The park offers many exciting opportunities for the lovers of nature to explore its unique flora and fauna. Additionally, the visitor is treated to a friendly encounter with the people of Hawaii and their culture.


A volcano tour in Hawaii allows the visitor to come face to face with the most unique species on the planet. The Hawaiian group of islands stands a distant 2,000 miles away from the closest continental mass of land. Due to the archipelago’s isolation, most of the species that are found on the islands are localized to the area, with no other place on the planet exhibiting such a rich biological landscape. The Volcanoes National Park, in particular, covers the area from the top of Mauna Loa (towering 13,677 feet above the sea) to the sea level.

A tour around the park will thus reveal many species that are native to Hawaii, like carnivorous caterpillars, happy-face spiders and the colorful ‘ohi’a blooms that cover the face of the large island. Many unique bird species are native to Hawaii and they promise a treat to bird watchers. Visitors also get to enjoy the desolate feel of the lava-scorched slopes, with the occasional spotting of the a’e fern extending its tendrils through the cracked surface.

Historical and Cultural Treats

With the islands’ long history, a variety of historical sites offers an insight into the people who inhabited these volcanic islands. Historical treats range from archeological sites that are preserved in the lava to etched carvings on the rocks.

Taking a volcano tour in Hawaii will not only reveal to you the conditions as they once were in the primordial times, but it will also show you how the people who inhabited the island lived and worshipped their gods. Visitors on tour can also visit the unusual caves that are found on the Hawaiian Islands and see the old footprints that are etched on hardened ash from ancient volcanic eruptions.

A Hawaiian volcano tour has a lot to offer and the visitor has a range of options when it comes to choosing the volcano to visit. Visitors can choose to explore Haleakala, Leahi, or Maunaloa. However, no tour is ever complete without visiting the awe-inspiring Kilauea volcano, which is the planet’s most active volcano. The volcano continues to spew lava to this day and it has been active for close to three decades, having continuously erupted since 1983.

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