An Overview On The City’s History

A modern metropolis, Lagos is currently the main commercial and financial hub of Lagos. Lagos is one of the highly populated and modern places in the world, to which cheap flights to Lagos are ample and are heavily booked. According to the growth strata of sundry cities across the globe, Lagos is ranked at number seven and is rapidly growing day by day. The former name of the city was Eko and the natives or the inhabitants of Lagos were called as Yoruba.

Lagos carried a pivotal place in the African history ledger and the modern name Lagos was granted by the Portuguese and the word Lagos means a connection of land with the sea. The name evinces out the intrinsic meanings as the place is geographically one of the best known places on earth famous for its lush beaches, and natural sites and landscapes cheap flights to Lagos The current population of Lagos comprises of the early inhabitants and the immigrants too who at that time migrated here, and this has been over the years now.

The very first connection made by the Portuguese here was through a great explorer Rui de Sequeria who visited here in 1472 and named the city as Lago de Curami. And from the early 1400s to the late 1800s the city faced the darkest aspect in the history where slavery trade took place. Later, this trade was outlawed and the state now enjoys the designation of a lush metropolis, and one of the thriving most cities in the world where people love to travel for leisure and entertainment purposes. People book cheap flights to Lagos every year with their families and enjoy their trip in the most fantastic way which was never sought if you look back to its history.

Despite of tourism, Lagos serves as a main commercial hub where all major import and export trading takes place and thus provides a great opportunity for the foreign business travelers to book cheap flights to Lagos and come and visit this perfect place to expand their businesses. Business opportunities here are ample, and one can easily get to nurture his or her pertinent cause.

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