APO Hiking Society – Amazing Achievements Of 3 Filipinos

The Filipino music scene will never be complete without mentioning this triad group named the APO Hiking Society. This group is composed of three members namely Jim Paredes, Danny Javier and Boboy Garrovillo. Their songs and music are hitting the airwaves for the last 30 years until today. The generation today is still humming to their wide range of hits. The group is touching everyone with their music with recent gigs and concert. The APO Hiking Society is really making effort to revive sounds that can reach out to anyone.

The music industry has paid tribune to the works of this triad by creating the KaminAPO Muna album. The top songs of the APO were revived by popular groups of today and compiled them to an album. The album also has an additional bonus tracks that includes songs sung by the APO themselves. It become popular as it was constantly played on TV and radio. People really gave support to this album as it became one of the top selling when it is first released.

The trio was very happy with the turn out and massive support from the people. MYX, a local music channel paid tribune to APO in Megamall. Popular bands serenaded people with classic songs of the APO. It was truly a successful event. Aside from the tribute, the APO become busy with own concerts and guest appearances in some TV programs. They also received an appreciative plaque from ASAP, a noontime show that has audience here and abroad.

The highly talked about album, Kami nAPO Muna is available in every record bar nationwide. For those who have an Ipod or MP3, the album can be downloaded via I-Tunes. It is a tool from the Apple Company that can help download songs to an Ipod. All one needs to do is go to the homepage, type in the name of the album and viola every one can have an access to APO’s music.

The album has 18 tracks with the performance of top bands from local music scene. For months the album has been rating number one in top charts. It also has been the number one selling album in record bars. There are also four newly made music videos for some of the songs that have been hitting the charts. It included Yakap sa Dilim, Nakakapagtaka, doo bi doo and a favorite wedding love song Panalangin. These songs are not only popular in the form of videos and cds but also it has become a number one downloaded ring tones for cell phones.

The APO also has an official website where anyone can subscribe to recent updates from the group. Danny, Jim and Buboy are really a legend in the music industry. One can never get enough of them. They can never go out of the picture. They would continue to reign in the hearts of their fans and people who can be touch by their sounds

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