Asolo Hiking Boots – What Features Do They Have to Offer?

Asolo hiking boots haven’t always been a leader in the industry, but today the brand is definitely a force to be reckoned with. As more consumers find this brand of boot to be comfortable for a variety of outdoor adventures and professionals continue to rate the technology included in each boot highly, more people are starting to pay attention to what Asolo is putting on the market.

Coming from the Asolo Research & Development Centre, a lot of advanced technology is now being invested in the latest boots released. Let’s take a quick look at some of these technologies to understand what consumers are getting from their Asolo boots that make them a leader in today’s industry.

Tri Fusion Technology:

“Tri fusion” is one of those terms that you hear and instantly shrug your shoulders. It sounds complicated, but in reality it simply refers to a specialized boot sole that is now being used on select Asolo hiking boots that are designed for hiking in a variety of terrains.

This rubber sole has deep treads that are specially designed to increase traction when walking up or downhill. The lugs are also designed to clean themselves as you walk, which makes them suitable for going through different terrains without having clumps of mud, grass, dirt, or other materials hanging onto your boot.

Each sole also has a yellow piece in the center which looks stylish but is actually there to help absorb shock.

Triple Power Structure Sole:

This is another innovative sole being used on select Asolo boots. The treads are not as deep as on the Tri Fusion soles, but it does include three different shock absorption points so not as much of the body weight shock is transferred through the body.

Active Heel Support:

This is a special design incorporated in the heel of some Asolo hiking boots which absorbs shock and supports the heel so it is more in control with the foot. This is a special heel design that was created in the Asolo Research & Development Centre and while it seems like a small aspect of the boot, it is actually something that many Asolo consumers recognize.

For instance, many consumer reviews for the Asolo Fugitive boots note having more support in their ankle and heel than they do with other boots.

Power Lite Boots:

Power Lite is a special line of Asolo boots that have been engineered through their Research & Development Centre. The goal here was to produce boots that are very lightweight but which still perform at a superior level just as their other boots. The result has been special construction for all elements of the boot which deliver stability and support without being as heavy as most other boots.

For the most part, Asolo hiking boots are extremely durable and stable. They are known to be the type of boot that you wear for hours without paying much attention, since they are so comfortable. The specially designed soles give extra grip when hiking through uneven terrains and going up and down steep hills.

Some Asolo boots are also designed to be extremely water resistant, making use of waterproof liners that keep moisture away from the feet for a more comfortable hiking experience through wetter terrains.

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