Astral Projection and Etheric Projection – What’s the Difference?

The term ‘astral projection’ is often used to refer to any kind of travel out of the body – and I admit, I tend to use in this kind of general sense myself. However, if you want to be more precise, astral projection actually is just one type of out of body experience. Let’s take a closer look at the real meaning of the term.

In occult circles, the name astral projection is generally used to refer to travel within the astral plane. On the other hand, the kind of out of body travel where you move around in normal space-time reality, is often referred to as ‘etheric projection’.

Astral Projection & The Astral Plane

By this definition, when undergoing astral projection you travel to the astral plane using your astral body. The astral body is an energetic counterpart of the physical body which vibrates at a higher frequency. The astral plane, which is also known as the astral world or the astral spheres, is a level of existence characterised by many different environments. Some of these are what we might regard as heavenly and blissful, whereas others are just the opposite, and populated by the type of negative entities who you’d probably prefer to avoid. And then there are regions which are in-between, with greater or lesser degrees of pleasantness.

One characteristic of all areas of the astral plane is that thoughts are more readily manifested than on the physical plane. So while travelling out of your body in these areas, you’ll need to learn to keep your thoughts under control if you don’t want them to manifest around you in a haphazard manner.

By mastering the art of astral projection, you can visit these planes at will. If you’re just learning however, you may find etheric projection is easier to begin with.

Etheric Projection & The Material World

As mentioned earlier, etheric projection involves leaving your body, but instead of travelling to the astral plane, you remain focused in the physical, material plane. However, because your astral body vibrates at a higher frequency than its physical surroundings, you normally remain invisible to people who are in their bodies, and you also have the ability to float about and pass through solid objects.

Author Robert Bruce refers to this environment as ‘Real Time Zone’, and believes that this is the level of nonphysical existence in closest proximity to the physical. It basically occupies an intermediate place between the physical and astral realms.

If you’re just learning, chances are you’ll find that once you leave your body, you’re just floating in your room. From here, you have a good opportunity to start exploring the physical world from your new perspective. If you wish to enter the astral plane and explore further, this may often be achieved by use of visualisation and focused intent. As you become more accomplished, it may become easier to enter the astral plane directly upon leaving your body, if that’s what you prefer.

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