Beijing’s Colorful Nighttime Splendor

The Chinese capital’s many wonders do not wane with the day. Instead, the city comes alive each night presenting the visitor with a variety of new excitements to be discovered and savored. The city’s nocturnal vibrancy can be witnessed by a promenade down Chang’an Street up to the Tian’anmen Square. Whether the explorer wishes to enjoy traditional, Chinese entertainment or modern urban diversions, diverse Beijing offers it all.

As the country’s cultural hub and capital, Beijing has much to offer those who wish to see the splendor of traditional Chinese performances. The Tianqiao Area has been a popular venue for dining and entertainment since the 13th Century and was the birth place of many acrobatic and musical productions. Although the passage of time has wrought many changes, Tianqiaole Tea House and the Tiangiao theatre continue to offer high quality entertainment. The former specializes in the traditional opera, martial arts and acrobatic displays while modern songs and dances are held at the theatre. The language does not offer a barrier to enjoyment due to extensive use of mime in Chinese opera and drama. The Wansheng theatre is famed for its acrobatics and these internationally renowned feats are a treat to experience. In addition, daily concerts of folk performances, ballet and puppet shows are held in Beijing, making it a paradise for culture lovers.

The thrilling choices that the city offers in the sphere of modern entertainment are no less exciting or varied. Among the wide array of pubs, clubs and cafes, the Sanlitun Pub Street amid the Embassy Area stands out. It is an excellent spot to enjoy the modern China of rock, hip-hop and jazz. The Hou Hai Bar Area located at an artificial lake in Beihai Park is as intriguing and offers boat rides in summer.

The city provides many venues for a night of music and dance and scrumptious dining for those who wish to enjoy its nighttime pleasures making a stay at a Beijing hotel – a unique and exciting experience. Visitors who wish to enjoy Beijing around the clock can find excellent hospitality and along with luxurious Beijing accommodation at the Traders Hotel – Beijing, superbly located near the 3rd Embassy District and just 20 minutes from the Beijing Capital International Airport, making the joys of nocturnal Beijing closer than ever.

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