Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Commemorate a Trip to Japan

Body art is on the rise in popularity among many people young and old. Tattoos are an individual’s way of making some sort of statement that they want to carry with them permanently. Many people choose tattoos of the names and dates of loved ones that have passed away and others have portraits of their children applied in various areas. Others may simply desire a simple butterfly or a cherry blossom tattoo. Whatever one can imagine can be drawn and used as a tattoo on their body.

Delicate Detail

Most tattoo shops have several tattoo artists on staff with different talents from the very simple design to the one with the most intricate of detail and color. One would need to pay especially close attention to detail when applying a tattoo such as a cherry blossom tattoo with all the various shapes and shades of color that would be desired. Many of these are so large they turn into projects for the artist of choice as they may take weeks to complete especially if many different color are to be used.


A person’s choice of tattoo most generally signifies something in their own personal life experiences as with an individual who may request a cherry blossom tattoo. These cherry blossoms are the flower of the cherry tree and well known for their breathtaking appearance. They bloom in springtime and in Japan where these very popular to the extent that they hold many celebrations in honor of the cherry tree. So for someone who may have been in Japan for one of these celebrations and had a memorable experience, this may be the significance in getting a cherry blossom tattoo. Others may have tattoo art applied as a means of being involved with certain groups and is often used by gangs in order to identify other gang members. Law enforcement uses these markings to help evaluate what gangs may be territorial in their areas. These gangs all apply the same tattoo at generally the same location after initiation has been completed.


One should always check out the place where they plan on having a tattoo of any kind applied. It should be well kept and their technique should be sterile. All tattoos should be covered for a period of time recommended by the artist and all directions followed. Any unusual redness around the tattoo after a short amount of time should be looked at by a medical professional in case an infection has began.

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