China’s Natural Splendour

China is a country best known for its depth of history and culture; a history and culture that attracts thousands of tourists every year. That’s not all there is to this fantastic destination however, China is also well worth a visit to see its more natural splendor. This article takes a look at a few of the countries natural wonders, to give you some ideas of what you could experience whilst on one of the many holidays to China.

The Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhai Valley, also know as ‘Valley of the Nine Villages,’ is a spectacular park that covers just over 700 sq km of the Min Shan mountain region. The parks famed for its lakes, with over 100 dotting the region, and the beautiful scenery that’s packed in between. The region’s waterfalls are also a big draw, cascading down the tree covered slopes between the small lakes. With so much beautiful scenery on offer it’s easy to see why the area received a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing in 1992.

The Yangtze River Valley

As one of the longest rivers in the world, the river Yangtze provides an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else. The river has carved its way through the region’s mountain landscape, creating a series of fascinating sheer sided gorges. Visitors to the river usually choose to get the most out of the trip by taking a Yangtze River cruise, as it’s one of the easiest ways to see all this region has to offer. The surrounding scenery feels steeped with age and the contrast between glassy river surface, tall cliffs and stunning greenery is one that you won’t want to miss.

Huangshan Mountain

An article featuring China’s natural wonders wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Huangshan Mountain. The granite peaks and dense forests of the region feature in much of China’s classical art and the area is said to have inspired generations of Chinese artists. This link, and the obvious beauty of the region, gives the mountains and undeniably ‘Chinese’ feel. Visitors to the region can either trek around the mountains on foot or take the cable car up Huangshan itself for great views out over the surrounding landscape.

This is obviously just a taste of natural wonders on offer in this beautiful country; we didn’t even touch on the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park or the Longji Terraced Fields. So next time you’re thinking of booking a holiday in the region, why not take a little time to visit some of China’s natural wonders.

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