Exotic Routes to Discover Vietnam

The country of Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia at a easternmost location on the Indochina peninsula. It is among the most traditionally modern countries that are steeped in its rich cultural heritage even while it has opened its arms wide open for the modern era.

The country is beautiful with different exotic places where you can visit in a number of ways. There are several ways you can enjoy either with several trips to the country or even within the same holiday trip. An interesting part of traveling to Vietnam is there are various ways of traveling to different locations within the same country.

You will have different options to enjoy.

Places to See in Vietnam

This is a country that presents a wide spectrum of attractions in almost all the destinations it has within its boundary. There are lush green fields full of harvesting crops that are contrasted with high mountains and lovely beach resorts.

You will be able to choose different options from mountain hiking or even taking a bicycle trip to even a cruise through the ocean waters.

Historical Places

Several destinations in Vietnam stand as a witness to the ancient history of the country. The ancient city of Hoi An is one such place among several others. Time has not been able to wear off the ruins of this 200 years old ancient city that was at one point a bustling city of trade and commerce.

Then there is Hue that is an ancient capital of Vietnam. Even in its journey through the passage of time that also saw the destructions of war this unique heritage site of Vietnam still attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Modern Vietnam Cities

Several cities in Vietnam are living examples of a fast growing cosmopolitan culture in the country that is steeped in education and modernity.

The capital city of Hanoi is a bustling modern city that still bears beautiful French architecture as remnants of the days of French rule. There are beautiful temples, serene parks and a sensational shopping bonanza if you are looking for silk and other oriental specialties of art.

The other city that is of great interest here is Ho Chi Minh City. It is the largest city in the country that was earlier known as Saigon. A center of many architectural wonders of the colonial era, this city is alive and running, round the clock.. There are great places to shop here and have a great time.

Vietnam Beach Destinations

Vietnam is blessed with a long coastline that presents some of the most exotic beaches of the region. These beaches lie to the south of the country. There are plenty of locations in Tran Phu, Nha Trang, Mui Ne Beach, Bai Tam Beach and Hon Chong beach among several others.

There are organized and well- planned package tours that are organized by a large number of tour operators in every country. You can also browse the internet for details of all places and hotels in Vietnam.

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