Florida Keys Trivia – Do You Know How To Unlock The Facts?

Many of us who know little about the Florida Keys may think they are something they aren’t. We may think they are just an island featured in the Beach Boys “Kokomo” song or we may think they are what Floridians use to get in their houses and start their cars. For those who have visited the Florida Keys, or who are lucky enough to call them home, these keys of Florida are a tropical existence rich with a past, a culture, and, of course, an abundance of Pina Coladas. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this group of islands, the most tropical key chain around.

1. The Florida Keys are islands composed of what?

a. coral and limestone

b. fermented algae and wood

c. plutonic rock and asphalt

d. sugar and spice and everything nice

2. What Spanish Explorer visited the area that would become the Florida Keys in 1513?

a. Christopher Columbus

b. Juan Ponce de Leon

c. Francisco de Eliza

d. Indiana Jones

3. The first permanent settlers arrived in the Florida Keys around what year?

a. 1756

b. 1822

c. 1801

d. 1988

4. What did these first permanent settlers do for survival?

a. Salvaged shipwrecks and fished

b. Hunted alligators and manatees

c. Traded jewels made of corral

d. Worked at Disney World

5. About how long are the Florida Keys?

a. 350 miles

b. 170 miles

c. 220 miles

d. five foot two and eyes of blue

6. In 1935, the greatest Keys disaster, which destroyed property and killed hundred of people, was caused by what?

a. A tsunami

b. An earthquake

c. A hurricane

d. The stock market crash

7. What is the name of the highway that runs from Key West and connects to all of the main islands?

a. The Atlantic Coast Highway

b. The Million Dollar Highway

c. The Overseas Highway

d. The Pacific Coast Highway

8. What is the largest of the Keys?

a. Boca Chita Key

b. Key Largo

c. Soldier Keys

d. I’ve Lost my Keys

9. How many species of fish live in the reefs of the Keys?

a. Over 600

b. Less than 500

c. Roughly 300

d. Just one or two

10. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was the first what in the United States?

a. Manatee Habitat

b. Undersea Park

c. Artificial alligator breeding ground

d. Place a Mermaid was spotted

Answers: 1. a. coral and limestone; 2. b. Juan Ponce de Leon; 3. b. 1822; 4. a. Salvaged shipwrecks and fished; 5. c. 220 miles; 6. c. a hurricane; 7. c. The Overseas Highway; 8. b. Key Largo; 9. a. Over 600; 10. b. Undersea Park.

See how you did:

9-10 Correct: Great job. You are the key master.

6-8 Correct: Pretty good. Maybe you’re not key master status, but you are not too off key.

3-5 Correct: Well, at least you know that the Florida Keys aren’t used to start cars, right? RIGHT?

Less than Three: Sorry, but you had better stick to the mainland.

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