Great Maui Attractions for the Adventuresome Tourist

The beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii is one that provides a number of wonderful tourist attractions. For the adventuresome tourist that visits Maui, there is plenty to do which will fill up the individual’s entire visit to the island. From water adventures to land adventures and everywhere in between, those individuals looking for a little excitement are sure to find it on Maui.

Water Adventures

Since Maui is an island, one will surely expect to find quite a bit of water activities to bide their time. This is especially true with regard to those water activities that are a bit adventurous as well. One water adventure which individuals can partake in while on the island of Maui is scuba diving. There are a number of scuba diving companies that provide tours, lessons and equipment for beginners and advanced scuba divers alike. One company in particular that makes these amenities available is Maui Scuba Diving with Turtle Reef Divers. Located in the Lahaina area, this company provides excellent tour guides to provide exciting adventures for scuba divers of all skill levels.

Another great water adventure to be a part of relates to the sport of surfing. The Hawaiian islands are known for their fabulous surfing beaches and if one visiting Maui ever wanted to learn how to surf, there is arguably no better place to do so than Hawaii. There are a variety of surf shops and tour companies that offer surfing lessons with the aid of knowledgeable instructors. One company which offers surfing lessons to the Maui public is Isana Ocean Sports, located in the Lahaina section of Maui. Individuals can retain a surfing instructor to either learn how to surf or improve upon their present surfing skills and abilities. Surfing in Maui is a must for visitors who like to have a little excitement on their vacation.

For those who like to go underwater in a crafty vessel, one should join in on the submarine tours offered by Atlantis Submarines Maui. Also located in the Lahaina section of Maui, one can hop onboard to enjoy the underwater adventures that await them. One who takes part in this tour will be able to see a wide variety of ocean creatures such as rays, eels and turtles living among the beautiful coral reefs. Individuals who do not fear small spaces will love this tour and be sure to talk about it for months to come.

Snorkeling is another adventurous water sport which visitors to the island of Maui may wish to take part in. There are a number of snorkeling tour providers located throughout the island. Perhaps the best way in which to find a snorkeling tour to join in on is to inquire with the concierge at one’s hotel or visit the island’s tourism department to find out if they have any recommendations with regard to good tour groups to join.

Land Adventures

Maui is known for its wide array of land adventures in addition to the water adventures. One land adventure that is fun and athletic is the biking tours which are provided by various companies on the island. One biking tour in particular is the self-guided downhill bike tour provided by Maui Sunriders Bike Company. The company provides detailed maps, equipment and added extras such as locks, backpacks and more. For those who are interested in taking a bike tour on their own where they can go at their own pace and stop where they like, the Maui Sunriders Bike Company provides this option for riders.

For those who wish to tour various areas of the island on their own two feet, joining in on a hiking tour is a great way to experience a little land adventure while staying in Maui. There are a few different hiking tour companies that provide guided tours in various settings throughout Maui such as rainforests, mountains and waterfalls. One company that provides these options to visitors is Maui Hiking Safaris in Pukalani. This company offers a variety of different tours for the hiking tourist.

Horseback riding is another great land adventure for individuals to take advantage of while staying in Maui. Not only will one get to have a horseback ride but will be able to view wonderful scenery while doing so. One company which provides horseback riding tours is Pony Express Tours. Their Haleakala Horseback Riding tour is a great land adventure to take part in and one can choose to have a crater tour or a ranch tour depending upon one’s preference.

Maui is a wonderful spot to visit for land and water adventurers alike as one will surely not be disappointed with the options that wait for them on this great island.

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