Hiking in Nepal, the Best Way to Know Nepal’s Beauty and Culture

Hiking in Nepal is world’s top walking adventure in the Himalayas. It is the way of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain. In Nepal there are many popular hiking trails inside Kathmandu city and outside like Pokhara city around.

The term hiking means simply walking outdoors on a trail for recreational purposes. In Nepal hiking means short walking from the accommodated place and return back to stay overnight in a hotel or resort. Hiking can be categories as a day hike which refers to a hike that can be completed in a single day, but not requires an overnight camp and multi-day hiking which refers walking for multiple days and stay overnight at camp. Multi-day hiking is popular as backpacking or trekking in Nepal and short walking around the cities hill for recreation is consider as hiking. Simply, it can be described as physically easy way of walking and suitable for overall aged group people are hiking.

Traveler can buy a package for hiking from the local holiday operator or they can go by themselves. Professional hiking guides can explain various local information and importance and they can manage everything necessary for the trip. Choosing a professional hiking agency is wise way to enjoy your holidays without any hassles and worries. Nepal hiking packages are designed with combination of visiting sightseeing places inside the cities which has historically and culturally high importance and walking trips in the covered area or local hamlets. Your destination is fixed before you hike. Routes of trip are pre-planned or you can design your own itinerary. Before starting your outdoor walking, many things should be well prepare; careful about the hiking equipments, personal checklist, food, map and permits. Accommodation option for overnight and route pre-information is necessary. The equipments required for hiking depends on the length of the hike, and according to the source. Hikers generally carry water, food, and a map. Hiking boots, sunglasses, sunscreen is necessary personal checklist. To make the trip more easy and fun cameras with charged batteries, compass, binocular, flashlight, first aid kit, fire starter, knife and GPS navigation device are helpful.

Some popular destinations around Kathmandu valley for hiking in Nepal are Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Kakani, Shivapuri, Phulchoki, Daman, Dakhinkali and Champadevi. In and around Pokhara, Poon Hill, Sarangkot, Panchase and Bandipur, Sirubari are the popular hiking destinations. Besides these, one can design a new route for the hiking trip. Culturally, historically and natural scenic stations can be consider as hiking routes. Hiking in Nepal is best way to know the local people, explore the cultural and rich heritage, view the scenic mountains and study the flora and fauna of Nepal.

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