Hiking The Arkaquah Trail

Set forth at the Brasstown Bald where the trail starts at its parking lot. The journey then moves next to Track Rock Gap which is a high ridge trail where you should expect a significantly steep climb to it. This site is the Brasstown Cherokee village where Georgia High Point gotten its name that tells its history about a misunderstanding between the Cherokee who inhabited the land and the nearby settlers. The Arkaquah River also owes its name to a small watershed near the Track Rock Road.

Downhill from the Brasstown Bald the trail moves further to a challenging trek up and down on unnamed peaks that directs you to the Chimneytop Mountain.

The only uphill treks in this trail are Low Gap, Cove Gap, and another hill that had been left unnamed. The Chimney Top, on the other hand, is not really the peak on this trail. Cruising along the trail you will find yourself on a demanding downhill and uphill hike. Then you will come to a descent at the 4000′ mark that continuously retains it until the end of the trail. From the Chimneytop to the Low Gap, the pacing here is moderate and less strenuous.

Forward to the Locust Log Ridge, an easier trail leads over to Cove Gap approximately.9 miles on the way. Subsequently, set forth again to the climb up to Buzzard Roost Ridge. This is the mark of the west side tip of the Arkaqua River watershed. Located on the east side of this, Locust Log Mountain provides another scenic environment on this journey. Now descend quickly right after this narrow ridge trail where a change of elevation reads to more than 2100′. Then you will come to a halt at the final leg of this trail at Track Rock. Less water forms is to be expected in Arkaquah as it is more of a rock ridge trail.

However, just as a precaution, be extra careful during windy days and perhaps during sudden weather changes as the ridge tops can become very difficult to trek. Summertime may be the safest season to visit the ridge tops while you may also visit the trail during springtime when several species of flora sprouts and blooms its playful mix of colors and natural scent. Aside from hiking and trekking, you may also enjoy an al fresco picnic at the Brasstown Bald as you enjoy watching different people going about their own outdoor interests and activities.

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