Hiking the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon is an experience that is unmatched elsewhere in the country, and possibly even the world. The first and most obvious difference on a hike into the canyon is that while you usually journey upward and then back down on a hike, you do the opposite when hiking the Grand Canyon. Multiple rescues are needed every summer in the canyon because hikers unfamiliar with this big difference forget about this simple fact.

You will start at a point higher up in the canyon, hike down into the canyon, and then when your trip nears the end, you will have to hike back up the canyon side to get back to civilization. If you tire yourself out hiking down into the canyon, you may be in trouble on your hike back, so be prepared and don’t drink all your water on the way down.

There are many other benefits and enjoyable parts of taking a Grand Canyon hike, too. Most people only ever get the experience of seeing the Grand Canyon from the top. However, there is much more beauty to be found when you travel down into the canyon and eventually reach the canyon floor. Although it is a desert, there are rolling meadows and grasslands that will be sure to offer you a glimpse into the true beauty of untouched nature. Many people visiting the Grand Canyon can’t compare their hiking experience to any other because it is truly a unique place to visit. You don’t have to be an expert hiker to enjoy the Grand Canyon, either.

Anyone who is in reasonably good health that desires to can hike the Grand Canyon. There are guided excursions offered by the park, or you can plan your own journey and go off into the canyon to see nature the way it was intended. You can take a weekend trip and camp on the canyon floor, or even just a day trip that will allow you to have a unique experience that you’ll remember forever. When hiking the Grand Canyon, you will need shoes that are designed for the dry desert terrain, as well as the steep inclines and declines that take you into and out of the canyon.

You should always map out your trip and follow prescribed trails so that you don’t get lost, and never hike alone unless you’re a very skilled outdoors person. Otherwise you could end up having trouble and being left to your own devices. Hiking in a park or on a mountain is completely different from hiking the pristine miles of canyon beauty. You should be aware of any rules for hikers in the canyon, and also take the time to learn the trail that you will be traveling. Getting lost in the Grand Canyon will almost certainly lead to disaster or death, so being prepared is key when you take a journey through this natural wonder.

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