Hotel Deals – Avoid the Current Frauds Around Hotels!

Due to the financial crisis, it is common for people to try to save money. Tourists who are on a budget are likely to search hotel deals, with the hope of finding a nice place where to spend their holidays. However, most of the tourists that go for hotel deals should be aware of some facts to avoid becoming scam victims.

Be extra suspicious if somebody claiming to be a travel agent approaches you in the airport to offer you a special discount on a hotel stay. Most likely, you will find that such discounts do not exist, and you will end up paying the highest rates in the market, if you go for the hotel they offer.

In addition, there is a scam going on at airports currently, which you should be aware of. Many times con persons disguised in uniforms will approach you claiming that there is a bomb threat in the airport, and that you will need to stay in a hotel for that night. If you trust them they will lead you to a fleabag hotel, and steal your stuff. Always ask for credentials, and be suspicious if somebody approaches you with this kind of claims. Furthermore, airports are like the home of con artists, so you have to keep your eyes wide open, to avoid becoming a victim.

Many times, while at the airport, you will find that somebody approaches you claiming that they work with the hotel you chose for your stay. They will say that they are there to drive you, but instead of taking you to your hotel, they will take you to a more expensive one.

This scam also functions in other forms. The con artists may drive you to an isolated place to rob you, or worse, even kidnap you. You can never be too careful when it comes to hotel deals scams. Do not get into anybody’s vehicle, unless they can prove somehow that they work with your hotel.

Most times, if a hotel deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes you choose to go for a hotel deal and you find yourself in a time share talk. In order to get the special rate, you have to listen to their whole speech, and accept to be chased by sale persons who will try to sell you a time share no matter what.

In addition, if you receive a phone call in which you are told that you are eligible for a special hotel deal, be extra careful. Most times, the person on the other side of the phone will try to get your credit card and personal information, and you will find later that they have been placing charges on your card.

Never give your personal or credit card information over the phone, if you want to avoid scams. It is always better to deal directly with a known travel agency. If they call you to offer you a special rate on a hotel, before you take it, do an Internet search to get more information; most probably you are not their first victim.

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