How to Find the Best Deal on Travel, Hotels on Hotwire (Step by Step Guide)

How to plan for a vacation using

First things first

1. Decide where you want to go, leave the city or leave the country
2. For how long, 3 day visit to Vegas, 2 week romantic trip to Paris
3. Factors to consider,
time of year, winter at home can mean summer abroad
exchange rates, this can be a major factor, if your currency is double even triple that of your destination
popularity of destination, everyone has a different paradise, quiet beach or noisy new york
4. How far ahead you plan is usually the rule of thumb, the farther in advance the cheaper, but that’s not the case anymore, but last minute is not recommended, but can still work
5. How will you travel? scenic train, car, fly, (first class, economy etc)
6. If leaving the country remember to have a valid passport

Now that we have an idea of where and when we want to vacation, we will be using, they have excellent rates, unparalleled in my opinion

1. Go to
2. Click on one of the major tabs Hotels, Cars, Flights, Cruises
3. Under “Where Are You Going”, type in your destination city.
4. Enter your check-in and check-out dates, now remember with Hotwire you don’t have to book weeks in advance, that’s what makes it so popular
5. Now for this demonstration we are only going to book a hotel
6. Select how many rooms you want, and how many people will be accompanying you.
6. Click “Find a Hotel”.
7. You will now be presented with a choice of hotels, a star system (higher the better) the price per night, the location of the hotel (near the airpot vs downtown etc) and finally the amenities
8. So for now you have to decide at what price range and location you prefer, to help with your selection, a website called has a user base with knowledge of most hotels on Hotwire and have stayed at the hotels described by the rating, price, location (although it’s not 100{e62c403cac7b8cc681803c2c1698f145e7e75e28c1e1f16a71410c7fc8558a25} as 2 hotels can have the same info)
9. Clicking “Continue” will bring up a map showing a few different hotels, your hotel will be in the highlighted “Green” area
10. If it looks like the area you want, click “Continue” again, otherwise go back one screen and pick a different hotel
11. If you’re not traveling alone, type in the name of the guest(s) in the appropriate fields.
12. Click continue.
13. Enter your payment and other required information.
14. Click “Book Trip”.

you’re done, now you get to find out the name of your hotel, will keep the name of your hotel until you have paid, but don’t worry, if you booked a 4 star, you will get a 4 star, you are done, pack your swimming shorts or snow boots

I cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information, I also do not work for Hotwire or any company associated with, nor

This is a general guide on how to find a great deal on a hotel, it’s how I found a 5 star hotel in scenic Vancouver, B.C. Canada for less than a $100 a night, that’s cheaper than a Holiday Inn Express

good luck

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