International Adventure Travel By Car

Traveling the length of the African continent by car is an adventure the like of which can be life changing. If you have decided that you are going to attempt to drive from Cape Town to Cairo or vice versa, there will be a considerable amount of planning that needs to be undertaken. One of the most important issues relates to the choosing the right kind of insurance cover.

Not all insurers would entertain the idea of offering a premium to an individual who plans to take their car through some of the most harsh environments in the world. What’s more, many of the countries that would be passed through are extremely dangerous due to internal conflicts. These risks are very real and an insurer would not be ignorant of the fact.

The policy that would be required should be more extensive than just covering financial outlay in relation to being in collision with other road users. It would be important, nigh essential, to take out a policy that offered protection against losses incurred as a result of a full range of somewhat unusual situations. Hijacking and animal attacks are two problems that most regular insurers would not provide coverage for, but which would be necessary if traveling across the African savanna.

To take a vehicle from one country to another requires documentation known as a Carnet de Passage, also referred to as a triptyque. A Carnet is a guarantee that when you take a vehicle into a new country, the issuing organization will pay import duty should you not take it out. Carnets can only be issued by national motoring organizations, such as the Automobile Association of South Africa, or the British RAC.

For a Carnet to be given, an insurance company must also give approval. If you are to enter an area designated as a war-zone, it is unlikely that you would be provided with approval and nor therefore a Carnet or insurance. Plan your trip accordingly.

Before you become too advanced in your planning, you should contact a number of companies that offer car insurance online to see whether your adventure will be possible. It would be incredibly frustrating to start collecting equipment, fitting out your vehicle, and applying for visas only to discover that no insurer is willing to give you the coverage that you need. Through the internet you are more likely to find a provider who will help you fulfill your dreams.

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