Las Vegas Travel Options – Beyond Las Vegas Hotel Casinos

Las Vegas travel options are more than the Vegas strip alone. Sure, the many Las Vegas hotel casinos are a spectacular sight, especially when the sun falls and it is all lit up. However, the Nevada Desert areas are home to natural beauty such as the Grand Canyon and the not so natural wonder of the Hoover Dam. Then there is always the potential of just getting lost in the desert, figuratively speaking, preferably.

The Grand Canyon is within reasonable access of Las Vegas. The spectacular canyon carved from years of the Colorado rivers furious flow offering views seen nowhere else upon the Earth. Many options exist for exploration of the deep crevasse that is the Grand Canyon. Helicopters make the trek in as short amount of time. For further experience of the amazement jeep tours are available as well as horseback adventures. The magnificence of the canyon will leave an impression within your memory equal to the impression it left upon the Earth, everlasting.

This everlasting impression is equal in the human achievement of the great structure known as the Hoover Dam. A spectacular achievement, it is indeed a modern marvel. Seeing picture of this concrete monstrosity is awesome, however, when standing upon it the words do not exist that can express the exhilaration one feels when gazing down to the canyon below. The sensation when standing below it is an even further indescribable awareness of its awesomeness. The feeling of insignificance as a tiny creature at the base of so much potential energy waiting to destroy all in its path, if unleashed, is breathtaking and maybe just a little scary.

Lastly, the Nevada desert itself is a step in the past. As one crosses a single range, the sight of civilization may be gone also. The further one ventures the more is felt the isolation from society. Easy it is, as the journey continues and the mind wonders, to consider what may have been only one hundred years ago. The lives lost in the attempts crossing the desert are many. The water drenched mountains seeming so close, yet one knows how far they are. The vastness of the wastelands is an apparent reality in a venture just a little distance from the protection of civilization. If you choose this exploration, I advise strongly to be properly prepared for every eventuality. Danger is everywhere where there is nothing.

Therefore, during your next Vegas experience, experience some of the Las Vegas travel options lost to most within Las Vegas hotel casinos. Get past the city limits and see Nevada. Visit the Magnificence of the Grand Canyon, awe at the human achievement you find at the Hoover Dam, or live the eerie emptiness of the Nevada desert. Memories of awesome world realities are waiting to join you in timeless remembrance.

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