LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System Review

Through books, games, videos and more, the Leapster Learning Game System is helping build better minds ti give kids a big start in their education!

From learning to adventure- the Leapster Explorer Learning System has it covered. Users are met with endless possibilities with a library of over 30 games and activity cartridges (and still counting!), not to include the free download included with the purchase of your handheld game device.

The Leapster Learning Game System connects to most computers via USB, where parents are asked to log in and register. While online kids can choose from an assortment of fun, customizing their Explorer to their liking! One game even allows kids to build their own virtual pets from a vast array of options, letting users create their own designer pet.

The Leapster Game System combines fun and learning in a durable handheld system.

As with all of the LeapFrog products, they are built with learning in mind, and this game system is no exception! Explorer makes subjects like science, geography and math fun and playful, keeping kids happy and learning with each activity. Children will love that they can touch the crystal clear screen with the tethered stylus that is conveniently attached to their Explorer System. (For safe keeping!)

For long travel trips, the LeapFrog Learning System is essential! With a long battery life and optimized volume, the handheld game is quiet and long-lasting. Made from durable ABS plastic, a few falls now and then won’t hurt it, which is great news especially for parents!

Technology is constantly giving parents ways to help strengthen young minds and the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer helps take advantage of the latest advancements.

Monitor your Childs’ progress with the Leapster Explorer

Parents are now able to track their childs’ progress using the Explorer Game System’s save feature that automatically updates children’s progress each time the Explorer is hooked to a computer. With this information parents can learn more about their child’s strengths and weakness’ in certain subjects and help cultivate interests from music and art to math and science.

The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning System does have its set back. The Explorer Learning software is NOT compatible with other game hardware. A minor set back considering the newest console already has over thirty games available for it with more support coming in the near future.

With a price tag just under $70, the Game System is worth every penny and then some! If there is a young one on your holiday shopping list, the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer System is a must have! Watch as children make great strides in learning and improve skills by leaps and bounds!

This Holiday Season, give the gift of knowledge with the latest game system for kids!

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