Lombok Indonesia – A New Paradise Destination

A neighbouring island of Bali, Lombok, Indonesia is now attracting more tourists for its pristine beaches and affordable attractions. For tourists who would like to avoid the throngs of people and commotion when vacationing in Indonesia, then Lombok is definitely the place to be.

Lombok’s pristine white beaches, especially those in the Island’s southwestern area, are quieter than Bali’s busy coasts. Kuta, different from Bali’s Kuta, offers pure white sands to visitors. There are also islands in the northwest that are attracting more visitors for its simplicity and serenity. The three Gili Islands have been a destination for backpackers for its simplicity, however, more tourists are discovering the paradise getaway.

Desert Point or Bangko-bangko is a great place to surf. Both beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy the waves in south coast. Tourists can always try snorkelling to see the beautiful reefs. Sea kayaking is also another activity to enjoy. There are even some traveller’s lodges that offer visitors an introduction to fishing.

Aside from the coast, locals and visitors can enjoy the northern and mountainous part of the tropical haven. There are also mountain villages to visit and one of the popular places to visit in Lombok is Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is a gigantic 12, 000 foot volcano. Often, there are two-day trek scheduled and guided by the locals for adventurous locals and tourists.

Aside from the sceneries and natural wonders of the island, visitors can always enjoy food and festivities in the island. The word “lombok” translates to chilli. If you have a thing for spicy food, then make sure that you try local dishes with sambal, a spicy condiment made from Lombok chillies.

Lombokalso has several festivals, especially that there is diverse mix of ethic and religious groups. One of the most colourful celebrations is the Bau Nyale, also known as the Sea Worm Festival. During the celebration, locals commemorate the story of the princess who refused to enter a political marriage. Marine or sea worms are caught, roasted and eaten.

For souvenirs, there are numerous shops in the island. Local textile and fabric like sarongs and woven items are great for taking home. There are also figurines and local pottery available. Some of the best potteries can be purchased in Penujak, Masbagik and Banyumulek. Tourists can easily find money changers in the island. Credit card can be used is some establishments.

There is also a museum, temple complex and several tourist hot spots to visit. Tourists don’t have to worry about travelling around the island, since transportation is readily available. Visitors can also rent cars and motorcycles.

Reaching Lombok, Indonesia is not difficult since the city of Mataram, also the capital city of the island, has an International Airport. There are also ferry trips from Bali going to the island.

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