Lowa Tibet Pro GTX Hiking Boot

The Lowa Tibet Pro GTX hiking boot is considered by many as the ultimate backpacker for those long haul hikes off trail and when carrying a heavy load. Highly rated by users and professional reviewers alike, the Lowa Tibet Pro GTX hiking boot has definitely been well received. But what makes it so well rated against it’s competitors in the heavy duty hiking/ backpacking arena. After all there are some serious contenders out there.

Lowa have been in the boot building game for 90 years, and have built up a reputation as one of the leading boot manufacturers around. They understand the relationship between comfort, fit, durability, support, flexibility, traction, and weatherproofing which go to make up a good boot.

Starting from the ground up, the features of the Lowa Tibet Pro GTX hiking boot include the durable ‘masai’ vibram outsole, providing serious traction no matter what terrain you are traversing. The SPS dynamic midsole, designed to control over pronation and supination, reduces fatigue over long hikes. The climate controlled footbed has a breathable top layer, and a slow reaction foam base resulting in foot fit customization. The hydrophobic nubuck leather upper will ultimately mold to the contours of your upper foot and the tall ankle shaft provides additional support and protection. A seamless gore-tex lining ensures waterproofing and reduces potential hotspots. Further foot cradling is provided by the C4 comfort tongue. The patented lacing system further reduces pressure points maximizing comfort.

The resultant package weighs in at approximately 4lbs a pair, and combines to offer a serious boot which will carry you across the most punishing terrain in safety and comfort, when carrying heavy (50lbs+) loads on extended hikes.

Of course no one boot can be all things to all men, and while criticisms of this boot are uncommon, those of you with particularly high arches, would do well to consider another boot, because despite the attempts at customization some wearers still experienced pain across the top of the foot, that no amount of changing insoles, or adapting the lacing could fully rectify.

The advice here, as with any boot, is to try it on instore if you can before purchase, and wear it for as long as they allow. And although better than nothing, this will only give part of the answer, as you must expect a period of breaking in before your foot and the boot meld cohesively, so check out the returns policy of the store should you decide to buy.

Overall though, the Lowa Tibet Pro GTX hiking boot is a very good piece of footwear, capable of taking you hiking through 4 seasons across even the most rugged terrain in all weather conditions. It’s crampon compatible too, in case you need to work above the snowline.

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