Luxury Villas – Pros And Cons Of Renting Them

As more and more holidaymakers think of their trips as “getting away from it alland spending quality time with their families as opposed to mere sightseeing trips, the trend for renting villas at holiday destinations is finding many takers. And if you are planning to splurge on an exotic, relaxing, and fun filled holiday, renting a luxury villa instead of booking a room or a suite in a luxury hotel makes even more sense. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of renting luxury villas:


· Ensures privacy: Renting a luxury villa affords you a lot more privacy than a hotel. If you are travelling with your partner on honeymoon or having a long overdue holiday, privacy is usually the number one priority and having a villa all to yourself is the best choice for you.

· More spacious: If you are a group of friends who have planned a reunion or holiday together or if you are holidaying with your family, including kids and parents, a villa will give you all the space that you need. However large a hotel’s rooms may be, they cannot compare with a villa in terms of space.

· Excellent facilities: Most luxury villas come with fully equipped kitchens and luxurious en-suite bathrooms, satellite television and internet services, as well as a swimming pool. What’s more, you do not have to share facilities like the swimming pool, billiard room, etc. with other guests, as is the case in hotels.

· Well trained and helpful staff: Luxury villas are usually well staffed with a chef and driver at your service. Any extra facilities like babysitting, laundry, transport requirements, planning of events, having a barbecue, etc. is taken care of on request.


· You are on your own: If you decide to stay in a luxury villa, you may literally be left to your own devices in terms of planning your day out, going on excursions, picking out the best restaurants, etc. You may end up having just the internet to help you plan your days.

· Expensive: If you are going for a luxury villa, you obviously understand that it is going to be expensive. However, if you really want to enjoy all the advantages that such villas offer, especially that of a trained staff for cooking, cleaning, laundry and driving, you must be prepared to pay.

· Away from all the action: If, in your quest for some peace and privacy, you have rented a luxury villa away from the town centre, in the hills or among the woods, the chances are that you will end up wasting a lot of time and money on travelling or miss the action altogether.

· Security issues: If you are vacationing with your family, you may also want to consider security and safety measures. Not all villas have foolproof security, especially the private, secluded ones.

All in all, renting a luxury villa can be a great alternative to booking a hotel room for your vacation, provided you do your research well before making the actual booking.

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