Make a Hiking Stick

In hiking especially in a place like the Great Basin National Park wherein elevation is very extreme the backpackers need to make a hiking stick for her or him to use. This hiking gear is also important. There are natural wood hiking sticks that are sold in outdoor supply stores. These must be brought every time you go for a hike. Whether you make your own or buy in a hiking store the most important thing is that you can use it comfortably and conveniently.

When the backpacker is in a serious backpacking trip he or she needs something to hold even if she get muddy or even get broken in putting his or her full weight on it and need some additional utility from it, other than just giving balance to her or him. As a backpacker I have come up with an idea that has served me well for many years. It is strong and it provides superior grip for hiking and for use to rescue another person. It stores fifty feet of ¼” manila rope for an emergency and has a metal tip and hand strap. Anybody can make it by following and having these materials to make a hiking stick. Obtain a broom handle with metal tip from any hardware store, stain it to your favorite wood and varnish it, starting at the metal tip, wrap fifty feet of ¼” manila rope using the technique of French whipping, at the very top, put a short Turk’s head, from a standing position, grip the staff at a comfortable level and make a mark an inch above your hand. There you can drill a 1/8″ hole. Between the Turk’s head and a half inch above the hole, with 3/16″ rope of your choice, apply more French whipping.

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