Oslo is a City of Winter Sports and Summer Fun

Oslo is endowed with natural beauty, history and culture to charm any visitor. Most of the visitors prefer winter season to visit Oslo when hills and mountains surrounding the city are draped in snow. It is the time when you will love to ski. Since the cold weather lasts for long skiing is quite a popular sport among the locals.

The city, surrounded by forests on three sides presents a picture postcard vista of city in snow white. You can ride on dog sledge through wilderness and enjoy the heavenly fun of your life.

Oslo is well known for winter sports, and the winter sporting activities go on in this city incessantly in which you too can participate. The place where the winter sporting fun goes on is the city’s sporting headquarters, the venue of 1952 Winter Olympics.

Take a short ride away from the city centre and you will find yourself at the famed Holmenkollen. This is the Mecca of Ski jumpers. Test your grit here as this world famous center attracts the best ski jumpers from all parts f the world.

Holmenkollen Ski Festival holds a large number of sports before heralding the end of the winter sports season. There is a real thrill in participating in the huge jump. However, if the challenge of jumping from the enormous Holmenkollen appears daunting to you, you might like to join the group of spectators who watch those amazing actions and enjoy vicariously.

Nonetheless, you can always decide to go on a ski trek as there are a number of ski treks going on in the city. The famous polar explorer, Fridtjor Nansen is known to have practiced here prior to actually undertaking the great trek across Greenland along with Otto Sverdrup. This was the first expedition of its kind.

The summer in Oslo holds an altogether different charm, but no less exciting than winter for the visitors. Take a look at Oslo Fjord and you will find boats and yachts merrily sailing across. There are various activities and events going on the fjord that thrills the sailing participants and exhilarates the onlookers.

Apart from these fun filled activities, there are various places to visit at Oslo such as Akershus Fortress, the Royal palace, Vigeland park, and several galleries and museums. The strong Akershus Fortress is known to have repulsed the invading armies over the years. No wonder it is the prime city attraction. The Royal Palace appears surprisingly similar to Buckingham palace.

Spread across 80 acres along with 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland adorning the Vigeland park leaves a great impact on visitors. There is also the Vigeland museum here that must be seen for the complete experience.

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