Promotional China Coffee Mugs Are Elegant Gifts For Women

Promotional coffee mugs are a popular business advertizing gift and have a worldwide attraction as a freebie. Really, it is quite a simple idea; just take an everyday object, seen in most organizations, and brand it with a logo, motif or message. Even though the mug might appear mundane it has retained its attraction as an advertizing item.

Like many products, the original customized coffee mugs have undergone many changes over the past few years. At one time promotional coffee mugs were just run-of-the-mill earthenware white mugs and a logo in a maximum of one or two colors. With the increased acceptance of promotional and business gifts there were insistent requests for diverse single colors, different sizes and shapes as well full color printing.

Currently there is an almost unlimited choice of shapes and colors as well as the capability to print in full color. This ensures that almost any logo can be printed in correct house colors. No longer is the maxim?near enough is good enough? good enough on promotional coffee mugs. Amazingly, up-to-the-minute print technology means that the inside of the mug can be branded.

It’s worthwhile taking a look at the advances seen in the printed coffee mugs market. You can now have an earthenware mug, a bone china mug or a recycled plastic mug; all offered in a selection of colors with brilliant prints. Yet a further option includes custom china coffee cups which hint at slightly more up-market consumers.

Additionally, if you want to advertise your product or service outside the office there are a wide variety of insulated and promotional travel mugs in aluminum, plastic and ceramic with superb print possibilities.

A further major advance is the delivery schedule. In the recent past most mug manufacturers seemed to live in a world of their own where a delivery lead time of three weeks was the industry standard. At last, many mug makers and suppliers have got their act together and now give a superior service with a pragmatic delivery cycle of two or three days.

Also, minimum order quantities are much less onerous and suppliers are happy to provide a minimum order of 72 mugs; beneficial for minor events and smaller companies.

The choice of mug colors is quite remarkable and includes black, grey, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, ivory, midnight blue, cranberry, red and, of course, the ever popular white. Standard shapes are equally diverse and will satisfy the most discerning buyer.Incredibly, the usual business gift catalogue simply does not have space to show all the likely variations of promotional coffee mugs.

To cover all options it?s best to get hold of a booklet from one of the manufacturers which illustrate around 16 standard earthenware shapes. These include the chunky Sparta to the vee-shaped Rio which has become something of a trend-setter although a trifle gimmicky.

Depending on your clientele you may also consider the Café Latte, Quadra or Regal which all appear and have their place in various locations.

Other significant products include bone china coffee mugs, mugs that change color when filled with a warm liquid, personalized photo mugs, recycled plastic mugs and all kinds of promotional travel mugs. These require at least a page each to do justice to their many qualities.

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