Ryokan, Japan – One of the Best Possible Travel Destinations!

Japan has always been one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Tourists want to revisit the country’s historic past and experience its rich culture. They would also want to check on the country’s diverse natural resources and have a taste of Japanese cuisines. The country boasts of several key cities and towns.

There’s definitely no better way to experience Japan but by staying in a hotel or a place that lets a visitor live like a Japanese, even just for a short period of time. Ryokan, Japan’s version of a bed-and-breakfast inn will certainly make tourists live like a native. In Tokyo, this conventional Japanese inn is quite difficult to locate, probably because it is more pricey compared to the usual hotels. Hotels are also more advertised and promoted in major cities that’s why ryokans are not that popular. In Kyoto however, ryokans are what most tourists are looking for. These tourists would want to experience living the Japanese way by staying in this traditional type of inn. A one night stay here will cost you $40 but for those ryokans that are situated in scenic spots like for example on top of a mountain or beside the sea, owners may charge as high as $400 per night.

A ryokan has a wide entrance hall where guests can stay to have a little discussion and for that reason, this part of the inn is filled with chairs and couches. A television can be found in some contemporarily built ryokans. The flooring is called a tatami and sliding doors are used. Added features include that of having a balcony or a porch, so visitors can have a place for sightseeing. Most ryokans are built near hot springs that’s why the ofuro or a communal bathing area is present in most of these inns. Meals are often included in the package price, this includes breakfast and dinner. There are foreign food served, like Western dishes, but for those who have a penchant for Japanese food like the kaiseki, there are a wide variety of Japanese dishes to choose from. To complete the living-like-a-Japanese experience, guests are given a yukata (a robe) that they could wear and they sleep using futons that are laid on top of the tatami floor.

Although ryokan, per se, is not a specific city or town in the so-called “Land of the Rising Sun”, it still remains as a top tourist attraction. For those who are about to visit Japan and would want to book a room in this Japanese-inspired inn, they can log on at different websites that cater the traveler’s needs. Hotel finders or search engines will be able to provide you a comprehensive list of hotels or ryokans that are available during your visit. You can also compare rates once you are logged on. After choosing one that fits your preference, you can click on that option and start booking for a reservation.

So if peach blossoms fascinate you as well as Hello Kitty, sushi, tempura, origami, kabuki, or ryokan; Japan is undeniably a place to be. Experience what the place has to offer and be among those people singing and exclaiming that they are already turning Japanese.

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