Since When Does Camping Involve Electricity?

Spending time in the great outdoors is the ambition of many people over the summer months. Campsites located within minutes of major cities make getting away for a weekend of hiking, fishing and camping very appealing to those that have limited time to escape the demands of city life. There is noting quite like the experience of sleeping out under the stars after spending a day hiking the trails and taking in the natural splendor of the surrounding countryside.

Many families enjoy camping and have switched over from pitching tents and building campfires to cook over to packing up a trailer and living in a portable home with mattresses on beds, modern plumbing and convenient electricity. But the fundamental camper knows that all of the modern conveniences of pre packaged trailers cannot compare to the spirit of setting up a base camp and tuning into to mother natures frequency of simpler living.

The grass roots approach to camping is far more satisfying to the men and women that trek out to the wilderness in search of a primal experience that can only be gained by cooking over an open flame of a campfire that was cultivated by hand. The travel trailer campers will never know the satisfaction of pitching a tent under the shade of a tall tree and laying out sleeping bags for the night.

There is nothing that can compare to the real experience of camping out without electricity and only your intuition and experience to guide you on a journey back to simpler times.

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