Soaring on Oahu Volcano Tours

There is nothing like standing on top of an immense and towering volcanic crater. There is nothing like the feeling of flight. There is nothing like soaring on Oahu volcano tours.

Oahu is the center, the capital of Hawaii, and from there you can tour the volcanoes on any of the islands. On Oahu itself, you can climb to the top of Diamond Head Crater and be the king of all you survey in this tropical paradise.

You can fly to Maui and ascend to the top of Haleakala and watch the sunrise. You can conquer this mountain on horseback or on zip lines or on the back of an all terrain vehicle.

You can take wing to the island of Hawaii and see Kilauea in all its ferocious glory. You can watch the Pu’uo’ Vent as it crashes and explodes against the sea. Or you can scale Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa and see the stars reach down to greet you.

You can jet off to Kauai and visit the Na Pali coastline whose cliffs seem taller than life itself.

Whether by land or by sea, touring the volcanoes of Hawaii leaves you both breathless and limitless.

The best way to truly soar on your volcano tours however, is by helicopter. Flying over the unending flow of Kilauea Volcano is like getting a birds-eye view of creation itself. Seeing the molten lava and geysers of steam from a helicopter is a volcanic experience without parallel.

Flying across the towering waterfalls of Hilo or being airborne as you traverse some of the densest rain forests in the world, is spectacular. There are no constraints when you view things from up above – no limits on your horizon.

Circling the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, or Maui in the air is to truly understand how amazing this chain of volcanic islands truly is. You see the diversity of lush tropical vegetation, the barren deserts and moonscapes, and the multi-colored geological mysteries that produce this vacation paradise; this wonder of nature that is Hawaii.

There are so many places and ways in Hawaii to feel the magic of flight and to feel the weightlessness of soaring while your feet are still planted on the ground.

Hawaii is home to the largest mountain and largest volcano in the world. Oahu volcano is a place where the earth itself tries to take flight from below the surface of the ocean. Hawaii was created by the land rising up out of the ocean and reaching for the heavens. It is still a place where the world tries to rise above itself every second of every day. It is a place where you can rise above yourself, beyond yourself, and soar with the birds.

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