Thailand and Beyond

Thailand is a fascinating country and once you have been here, you will probably never leave. But this is article makes the case that you should come back and explore its neighboring countries some more. There are lots of travel guides about Thailand so I will focus more on Indochina and the Greater Mekong region.

So you bought yourself an air ticket to Thailand. Actually, I recommend you buy a one-way air ticket to Thailand because there is so much to see here you probably don’t know when you want to go back. Thailand itself has a lot to offer and even more so the countries surrounding it.

I guess you have heard about the news from Thailand and the political mess that grapples the country. So first thing you do when you arrive in Bangkok is to buy an air ticket to Yangon.

This country is amazing. Yes, there are political troubles too here, same as in Thailand, however, everything is a step slower and less touristy. You will be amazed my the temples in Bagan and the mountains in the North. Anyway, the roads are terrible and trains non-existent so you better get around by flight. Make sure you buy your air ticket in the capital Yangon as there aren’t any travel agents in the provinces. Your air ticket will be quite cheap compares to Europe or America. Anyway, don’t forget that you need a visa for Myanmar. You can get it at the travel agent in Bangkok where you buy your air ticket.

Access to Laos from Thailand is a bit tricky. There is just Thai Airways and Lao Airlines flying into Vientiane, hence they have a monopoly. The air ticket prices are accordingly. However, once you arrive in Luang Prabang you can take a boat on the Mekong River which is very relaxing. You can even take a boat back to Thailand. Anyway, you don’t need to fly within Laos. It’s quite dangerous actually. Old aircraft and drunken pilots! Once you are done with Laos, get an air ticket to Vietnam.

Yes, still socialist country, but a charming one. The local currency is the Dong. However, the biggest bank note is worth about one dollar, so when you pay for your hotel or air ticket, you better pay in USD. Trains and taxis are OK to be paid in Dong. Places to visit in the country are Hue and Halong Bay. In the latter one you can take a stunning seaplane ride along the thousands of Islands. It looks a bit like Phuket in Thailand. An air ticket for the joyride will set you back about 250 bucks. But it’s well worth it.

After that you should head back to Thailand because you run out of money by now. Make sure you have enough left to buy yourself an air ticket out of Thailand back to your home country.

See. There is lots of things to do in and round Thailand. Don’t stick to the beaten track!

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