The Hawaii Volcanoes – Experience the Thrill of Hawaii Volcano Tours

The Hawaiian Islands offer several geographic elements that make it a picturesque location. One of the most enduring and notable features of the Hawaiian Islands are the chain of volcanoes that are present throughout the Island chain. On Hawaii volcano tours you will learn that, these volcanoes have been forged over 70 million years of geological activity and development. More than what the eye can see, these volcanoes begin far under the surface of the ocean, beginning on the ocean floor. In fact many volcanoes that are a part of the island chain have never surfaced above sea level. Each of the islands of Hawaii developed after countless eruptions eventually building the islands that are currently seen.

Hawaii, is the largest and most southeastern island of a chain of islands that begins far in the pacific. Hawaii is comprised of five volcanoes. The names of three of these volcanoes are Kilauea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai which have all erupted in the past 200 years. The youngest volcano of the Hawaiian Volcanic Chain is Lo’ihi. This volcano is still about 1,000 meters beneath the surface of the ocean but the tip is clearly seen peaking above the ocean.

In the eastern part of Maui lies the volcano Haleakala. This is the only other Hawaiian volcano to have erupted since the late 1700’s. Hawaiian volcano tours are a way for those visiting the islands a chance to experience these geographic marvels. Even though thermo technology and seismic tracking are available for those who study the activity of the volcanoes it is not currently known exactly when the next eruption will occur in the chain of volcanoes.

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