The State of Medical Care in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hospitals form an essential part of medical structure for any city in the world. A good healthcare infrastructure is vital for the smooth, functional development of any city. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has been improving its health care facilities with this in mind. It has many general hospitals, clinics and specialty hospitals to take care of the local community as well as visitors from regional or foreign cities. The hospitals in Hanoi possess good facilities in radiology, surgery and intensive care. The patient wards have normal and emergency electrical power, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

We have tried to outline some good hospitals in the city of Hanoi for tourists where they can go in the case of any medical urgency. It is also good to check with hotel authorities when looking for hospitals.

Saint Paul Hospital is a large medical complex located in central Hanoi. It offers multi specialty treatment in various medical fields. The Arch Diocese of Hanoi runs the hospital, which commenced its operations during the French regime.

This hospital is the main medical establishment for the people of Hanoi as there are frequent traffic accidents in the city. Saint Paul hospital provides electrocardiography, ventilators and first aid to critical trauma patients.

Saint Paul Hospital is under renovation and is scalable to a six story building with a total capacity of 100 beds. It’s new campus will have a separate building to house the pediatric ward and its 150 beds. The bed count will rise to 500 beds post renovation.

The Bach Mai Hospital‘s foreign department has English speaking staff in order to communicate properly with travelling international patients. It has all the general medical facilities along with a rehab center, specially designed for the treatment of children and adults suffering from cerebral palsy and stroke. Veterans for America have sponsored this unit, which has treated over 1700 patients since its inception in 1998.

This hospital underwent re-construction in 2000 in order to have the latest equipment and facilities with some aid from the Japanese Government. The hospital also features a speech therapy center. A 25 bed spinal unit was also set up with aid from Handicap International.

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