Top Reasons Why Men Like Asian Women

The attractiveness of Asian girls is undeniable. Long silky hair, smooth skin, slim, petite bodies and that graceful feminine way they walk. Where western women have come to take long, determined strides in an almost masculine manner, Asian girls move in that slow, sensual way that makes men’s head turn.

I’m sure you know what I am on about.

And of course, there’s that exotic sense of shy innocence that makes us want to know more. To see what she will be like when you are alone with her. Is there a hidden wild sexual side that is waiting to be unleashed?

If you dared to profess this preference for a western woman, she’d probably respond with a scorn and call you a ‘chauvinist’ or ‘pig’. She will probably mistakenly assume that your attraction to Asian women is a fantasy about having a submissive slave who will wait on your command. Many western women don’t seem to understand that doing something for your partner because you care about them isn’t the same as being ‘weak’.

Anyone who’s been with an Asian woman knows this isn’t the case. Asian women are not weak or submissive. The Asian girls that I’ve known have all been smart, strong and capable, yet at the same time, they radiate pure femininity and they enjoy being women.

And they want their man to be a man, so they make him feel like one!

That’s the way we were born as men. That’s what we need to be truly happy in life. It’s simple really; let us be men and let women be women. Take a look at your buddies, emasculated by nagging, overbearing wives, do they seem happy?

Being attracted to Asian women isn’t weird, it isn’t a ‘fetish’ or ‘yellow fever’ nor does it suggest you are in some way unable to handle a relationship with a woman of your own race. On the contrary, I’d say it means you have understood what makes you happy – what would make any man happy if they were to admit it, that you are willing to take a chance, to step out of the box to look for happiness.

Most guys think they have to be rich or famous to date beautiful younger girls.

They seem to grudgingly accept the idea that they’re never going to be with a sexy woman who adores and respects them, so they settle for a girl they think will be ‘compatible’. Usually that means she will be just as boring as they are.

But check back a few years after marriage, then how many are happy and sexually fulfilled? I don’t know of many personally. Many friends have been lost after they again and again had to ask their wife for permission to do anything. They tell their wives that they have to go to Asia for business, while in reality they want to visit me and get introduced to my lifestyle. Those that make it over here, rarely look back.

You know it already; we’re driven by the same desires as we were at the beginning of time. We as men crave soft, feminine women; it’s what we need to complement us. The missing part. Someone who will need our masculinity and strength. Asian women fit this description like no other females.

I believe there are any reasons, some unconscious that make us attracted to Asian women. Some are sexual of course. Asian women have perfect hairless skin, hard bodies and those feminine almost feline facial features that are so alluring. Asian women do not get fat as they age. In fact, Asian women stay attractive far longer than Western women (it helps that they don’t live the ‘fast life’ as much).

Asian women are also a lot more approachable. I love how you can walk up to any Asian woman and start flirting. As long as you come in with a big smile and you are polite, you are never going to be shot down in that nasty New York kind of way. Asian women love to flirt. As I walk back to my condo every day from work, I always stop to flirt with the shop girls, the University girls or the old lady selling nuts! It’s a very life confirming thing. Being a man and being sexual as a man isn’t something to be ashamed of here.

Try walking around in any shopping mall in Bangkok, Jakarta or Manila. You will be amazed at the number of attractive girls who will shoot you shy glances and inviting smiles. If you’re an older gentleman, you may have all but forgotten what that feels like!

And this is only the superficial side of the equation.

Asian women are fantastic homemakers, wives and mothers. Asian children are always happy and husbands do get cared for very well.

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