Travel Safety Tips

Here are some Travel Safety Tips. I think these tips are pretty helpful, but more valuable than any of these is following your gut, using your common sense and not letting fear attract negative situations.

When walking around sight seeing or even just taking the public transportation systems, it’s better to wear a purse with a sling strap (that crosses your chest, instead of hanging off your shoulder). If you don’t care about fashion, the first choice should be a fanny pack. Fashion will be the last thing on your mind if your wallet gets stolen from behind.

  • I am a lover of backpacks, but if you use one, be sure to get one with a lock on the zippers, so it will discourage would be thieves and move on to an easier target.
  • If you want to walk without carrying any sort of purse or bag (I’ve been there!) I suggest neatly folding some money, credit card and/or room key in a sandwich bag and safety pinning it inside your shirt, jeans whatever you’re wearing. (Make sure you use a large safety pin as they are usually sturdier than the smaller ones).
  • You should check with the local laws, but I always carry a key ring Pepper Spray or Mase around, it’s very portable and potent when necessary.
  • Don’t attract hoodlums or desperate people by displaying lots of valuable jewelry, this is especially true if you’re traveling in a poorer country.
  • Lock up your valuables in the hotel safe or in your locked luggage suitcase when you leave the room. Don’t tempt underpaid maids.
  • Stay Alert! Don’t make yourself vulnerable by having too many drinks with strangers in a new place. Always watch your drink or carry it with you to avoid any date rape drugs.
  • It’s best to walk with a companion at night, if that’s not possible, carry the Pepper Spray and a small flashlight. A portable key chain alarm isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Make sure you know the local Emergency number for your area, it is probably NOT 911 if you’re in another country.

Remember what I said earlier, do not let fear ruin your trip. Each year thousands of Women travel all over without a single dangerous incident. You can increase your chances of being one of them by following these tips and having the right attitude!

Happy Travels!

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