Villas For Rent – Long Term Rental Villas in Bali Island

Bali is a lush tropical island full of character and warmth from the tropical weather to the friendly local people a warm welcome always awaits you. All your individual holiday needs can be meet here from a relaxing beach holiday to an action packed adventure holiday. Filled with elephant trekking and white water rafting.

For those loving nature we have a wide array of outdoor activities such as Bungy Jumping, Cycling, Elephant Riding. There is also an abundance of water activities that will entice you to excitingly join cruise, diving, kayaking, rafting, or sea walking.

Holidays in Bali always means you can explore the spirit of adventure here on this tropical lush island. Your visit to Bali is not complete before exploring the areas to fulfill your pleasure of sports, adrenaline, and recreation. Bali has everything you need to stimulate your sense of thrills. A wide variety of beach hotels can be found as to maximize your holiday time ensuring you find the best accommodation rental possible.

Bali with its challenging land structure and unspoiled nature invites you to take part in the most challenging journeys that you will remember for such long time. Bali’s wide variety of attractions, the physical beauty of the island, and the year-round pleasant climate make Bali a place regarded by many visitors as the ultimate holiday destination.

There are a wealth of warungs offering refreshments and sun beds and at the top is a pizza restaurant offering takeaways lining most beach areas. The shallow waters are ideal to swim and further out on the reef is a surfers paradise. The friendly people guarantee visitors a totally relaxing and pleasurable stay. Your stay in Bali would not be complete without sampling some of the exotic treatments the island has to offer. Many of the local beaches have teams of people eager to give you an in-expensive full body massage whilst listening to the gentle crash of the waves on the beach.

Accommodation is readily available from long term accommodation rental from clean and comfortable homestay accommodation to top of the range luxury hotels in Bali or villas are easily found and can be a great way to stay. Flights are from all major airports and takes around two and half hours from Northern Australia and Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. The friendly people guarantee visitors a totally relaxing stay.

Bali Long Term Rental

For a longer stay in Bali you will find an abundance of luxury villas to rent providing a great choice of accommodation rental. There is a fantastic choice of beautiful villas with private gardens with air-conditioned bedrooms and, spacious living and dining areas with large terraces, a lush tropical garden with your own private swimming pool and full-time staff such as a personal butler, well-trained cook, maids, spa therapists, gardeners, etc. to pamper you around therapists. You will find good long term accommodation to cater for all budgets here in Bali, from villas in Seminyak to homestays in Kuta You will experience the true way of Bali living whilst renting a private villa by having a homely environment in a Balinese atmosphere.

If you have rented a villa with a driver you can sample all the lovely delicacies from the local nearby restaurants and enjoy them at your own leisurely convenience. By renting a private villa you can expect to save as there are no hidden extra’s such as Tax and Service charge which can be up to 21{e62c403cac7b8cc681803c2c1698f145e7e75e28c1e1f16a71410c7fc8558a25} adding a considerable extra amounts to your holiday spending money. Therefore renting a luxury villa can be a lot less expensive than staying in a hotel and can provide you with more relaxing and comfortable stay in Bali Mid-July to September as well as the periods over Christmas and New Year, Lunar New Year (late January or early February) and Easter are considered by most villa owners as the busiest and high season, and for some villas a minimum rental period of one or two weeks is required. Make sure you take the time to study the location required as it can very often be busy on the roads and if it is a specific location required like beach, lake or mountain, you would not want you stay hampered by hours in car journeys.

Package Tours

The way to optimize you stay here in Bali would be to have a tailored made package tour incorporating all the sights and attractions you want to experience whilst here on this beautiful tropical island. The island is endowed with great natural beauty and rich culture and has long been the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

It is a land of soaring majestic volcanoes and tiers of emerald rice fields as well as hosting idyllic beaches and modern resorts, where shrines and temples dominate the landscape. Despite overwhelming foreign influences, the Balinese have managed to reach a harmonious balance between preserving their culture and natural environment and accommodating today’s changing world.

The Hindu Bali religion, ceremonies, festivals, age-old dances and arts are an inseparable part of the life and culture of the Balinese. Bali holidays are a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and you can’t help but fall in love with the atmosphere of this wonderful place.

The island is blessed with fabulous beaches, luxurious hotels and is also home to some of the friendliest people in the world. You are spoiled for choice with luxury hotels in Bali with either beach locations or luxurious hideaways located in the mountainous regions and many include wonderful spas and first class service.

You may consider a two center holiday and split your time here between the more hectic southern side of the island and the more relaxing and unspoiled north. With all to offer Bali holidays whatever the budget can provide the luxury of top hotels and villas to a more relaxed longer stay in a private villa rental or home stay accommodation.

There is so much to see and do here you will surely have a busy itinerary to cover all you want to see do and experience whilst staying here on this lush tropical island. Whether you want your stay to incorporate weeks of relaxing beach visits or a hectic activities holiday you will find a package tour can cover all you require. The friendly locals and inexpensive food and the lush tropical landscapes make a up for a great holiday. The friendly people guarantee visitors a totally relaxing stay.

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