Waterproof Hiking Boots: Five Features To Consider

Waterproof hiking boots are one of the important gears you should wear when hiking. You should consider other features as well aside solely from its water resistant feature. The following are five main considerations to look for in a pair of waterproof boots in order to maximize the protection and comfort that you can avail from it.

1. Sole rigidity. A properly rigid sole in a hiking boots is very significant since the hiking tracks are actually hard but you need to protect the foot as well. Now, there are certain shoe product manufacturers that are very particular in making sure that the rigidity is just right. The right rigidity of a product can also give some sort of grip on the terrain.

2. Cushioning. The foot cushion is also one of the most important pieces in a shoe. Standard everyday boots or shoes may have cushioning that is just right for everyday wear or even a few hours of exercise but hiking boots would require a good amount of it. Considering that when hiking, the wearers would carry a few more pounds than the usual weight, added cushioning would soften impact on the wearer. The cushions are also enhanced so that the feet will not contract some type of fungi or bacteria.

3. Ankle support. Ankles can be fragile if not given the proper attention. Since hiking activities would require a lot from ankles, thus the support from waterproof hiking boots are very important. The ankle would also absorb the impact from carrying the large sacks and definitely heavier equipment. Some extended collar design provides such stronger ankle support too. For some manufacturers having ankle support for all its movements are essential.

4. Weight. Comfortable weight is variable. A boots may be light for some wearer but it is already heavy for others. The relative weight of these hiking shoes are varied, however, the usual trend is that the women’s hiking boots are lighter than the men’s. Waterproof hiking boots usually combine with a lightweight shoe because if the shoes are not waterproof, the water absorbed by the shoes will add to the weight but since these are not absorbed then the shoes remain lightweight.

5. Breathability. The breathability of a pair of hiking boots is also essential. Many manufacturers now consider having hiking boots that are made from nylon and other fabrics that are not only waterproof materials but are also breathable enough to make sure that the feet are in optimal temperature.

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