What Lies Beneath The Great Pyramid Of King Khufu

The builder of the great pyramid was King Khufu, son of King Senferu. He ruled the old kingdom from 2589 to 2566 B.C; His full name was Khnum Khufu, which means “The God Khnum protects me.” Khufu had nine sons and 15 daughters. Very soon after King Khufu took the throne, he decided to start building the great pyramid; it is thought that he consulted a magician back then whose name was Djedi, but the reasons for this are still unknown. It was thought that Khufu enslaved his people to get the great pyramid built, but those theories were actually a complete fabrication as historians and explorer came up with evidence that those who built the pyramids were chosen according to specific criteria, and they got paid to do the job. To get the pyramid built, King Khufu and his architects brought huge limestone blocks from the city of Turra across the river Nile; massive granite blocks was brought from the city of Aswan. Five to 20 meters wooden boats known today as the solar boats was used to transfer the limestone and the granite to the construction site as the high water from the river Nile came really near the site during the flooding season creating a natural harbor that was used to the benefit of building the great pyramid.

There are a lot of debates regarding why King Khufu built the great pyramids. Most historians recommended that it was built for a spiritual purpose; as King Khufu supposedly was buried there in the king’s chamber inside the heart of the great pyramid, But it’s hard to believe at least for myself that this huge building is just a tomb that honors the king. In fact, I don’t think that anyone can tell for sure why Khufu built the great pyramid, and the reason for this is that until today historians and explorers are still discovering more and more information about the great pyramid. There are secret chambers inside the structure that was not seen by human eye since the pyramid was built. The Djedi project team which is an international-Egyptian joint team named after the magician who consulted Khufu when he planned the layout of his building, are awaiting official permission to explore 4 narrow shafts found inside the heart of the great pyramid using micro robots. According to Reuters, The team is very confident that a new discovery will be made soon; Will 2012 solve the great pyramid mystery? Let’s wait and see.

Another secret I came across while looking into the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt; It is how the pyramid is aligned exactly to the magnetic north; while historians do not have any evidence that the ancient Egyptian invented the compass or even used any similar devices. That alone is a proof that the ancient Egyptians had knowledge and technology that we are still unaware of. All energy healers, Reiki channels -if you believe in cosmic energy-confirmed that if you make a pyramid using the same dimensions of the great pyramid and align it to the magnetic north; it produces unknown kind of energy called the cosmic energy or the life energy. This energy is at its peak exactly at the center of the model pyramid (same location where the king was buried). The energy produced has capabilities of preserving food and sharpening razor blades. I decided to test this myself, and for the test, I used to green bananas. I placed one inside the model pyramid, and the other outside of it. After one week, The banana inside the pyramid stayed green and healthy, while the banana that was outside turned black. This test was another confirmation that this magnificent building is not just a tomb; There is actually a lot more to it. Time alone can bring more answers.

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