Where to Study Chinese in China?

Whether you are going to China for a holiday vacation or relocating for work the easiest way to break the communication barrier is to study Chinese in China while you are there.

Learning how to speak Chinese will help you understand the Chinese culture better and enrich the time you spend in this fascinating land. China is a country that takes pride in its ancient culture which is filled with daily traditions and rituals.

Because of this, unlike other countries there is not a lot of diversity with languages so no matter where you travel within the country there will be Chinese text and Chinese characters that you will need to be able to understand.

Most restaurants menus will be written in standard Mandarin and that will most likely be the case in any establishment that you visit. Even if you do not learn Chinese writing it is important to at least learn to speak Chinese.

But studying in China doesn’t have to be all work and no play at least not if you are in the enthralling town of Yangshuo. An ancient adage in China once stated “Guilin landscapes are the most beautiful of any in China but Yangshuo landscapes top even those of Guilin”.

Yangshuo is located in southern China’s Guangxi Province and is approximately 40 miles south Guilin. The landscape is picture perfect with lush green hillsides covered with clouds of mist that are rising from the valley below.

But the most astonishing view on the horizon is the limestone towers that appear to rise out of nowhere. These towers are part of “The Karst” one of the largest carbonate rock formations in the world that spans through the Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces.

Below these gigantic towers are ancient hidden caves with natural hot springs and mud baths. Being in Yangshou is like stepping back in time because unlike the bigger cities in China the ancient style has been preserved and it shows in the lifestyle.

Time seems to stand still while floating on a bamboo raft down the Yulong River or while watching the world-renowned light show “Impressions on Liu Sanjie”.

Unlike China’s coastal regions Yangshou is very inexpensive. In fact it is one of the most inexpensive towns in China with costs being one half of what it is in the major cities, most notably accommodation, food and drink.

There are of course more high end eateries, hotels and bars, a cup of coffee for instance, will start at around 10RMB and can go as high as 40RMB.

This really depends on the location, and, although West street is quite expensive, there’s still bargains to be had.

The noisy, brash night clubs that make up a lot of West street, may not to be to everyones tastes, but they are great fun, and most usually have a little stage show.

It should be noted that drink prices here are at a premium, so, it’s best to check the menu before you order.

As Yangshuo is a holiday destination for the Chinese, you’ll find most of them are very engaging and friendly, which also makes the town a great spot to learn the language.

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