White Lies – Indie Band From London

There is something about a band that calls West London home. First the Beatles from Liverpool and now White lies from North Ealing. Each has their own place in music history, albeit in different musical eras.

White Lies was formed in 2005 by Charles Cave and Jack-Lawrence-Brown. Both of these fine young chaps came from Pitshanger Village in North Ealing. They played together for the first time in a school talent show. That’s primary school, not high school, so these two have been together for some time now.

Two years down the road, Harry McVeigh joined up and they began playing local weekend gigs under the name Fear of Flying. This “weekend thing” kept the 3 friends very busy (they were all around the age of 15 now) and also earned Fear of Flying a supporting position with three local headliners; The Maccabees, Laura Marlin and Jamie T.

In 2006, Fear of Flying released two double sided singles with an Indie label named Young and Lost Club. One was “Routemaster/Round 3” on August 7 and “Three’s a Crowd/Forget-Me-Nots” on December 6 of the same year.

On August 10, 2007, Fear of Flying appeared at the Underage Festival in England’s Victoria Park.

After that show, the band members were all slated to begin college, so took a gap year during which they explored a new, darker, more mature sound. States bassist Charles Cave, “I felt as though I couldn’t write about anything personal, so I would make up semi-comical stories that weren’t really important to anyone, not even me.”

That year, in October, Fear of Flying was suddenly disbanded. The band’s MySpace page announced boldly that “Fear of Flying is DEAD … White Lies is alive! ” The name change was mainly to address the members increase in maturity both as individuals and as musicians. The new sound and lyrics were of a much more honed, sharp clarity.

During a radio interview, Jack Brown said, “We just thought that we should perform these songs as a different band. We had songs that we felt weren’t suitable for the band that we were in and we thought White Lies would be the perfect vehicle for the songs.” This puts the change in name in pretty good perspective, I think.

Their first live gig as White Lies proved to be a most fruitful one, indeed as several A&R Records execs were in attendance. The band was inundated with record deal offers and finally signed with Fiction Records.

The next almost two years were an absolute blur of live shows, television appearances and marathon practice sessions. Numerous festivals were the order of the day and culminated in White Lies first ever tour as a headliner to 13 United Kingdom venues throughout 2008.

Their debut album, To Lose My Life, was released in the UK January 2009 and made White Lies the first British band to score a number one album in 2009. March 2009 saw the album’s release in the USA. A single, Farewell to the Fairground, included a “B” side cover of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown.

The band continues to tour actively and is said to have a style that is “quite danceable Indie.” Among the many obvious influences are the Talking Heads, Editors, Tears for Fears and The Killers. Another album, Death 2 x 7, is slated for UK release in December 2009. The following US release is greatly anticipated.

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