You Can See Old Things in New Ways When You Stay at a Bali Holiday Villa

Though blessed in abundance with natural beauty, just a few decades ago Seminyak was only a lesser-known suburb of the place Kuta. Today it is the epicenter of Bali tourism and a Bali Seminyak villa is the last word in comfort even by international standards. These villas hold in it all the amenities that modern technology has made possible, without sacrificing even an iota of the traditional charms of Bali.

The waters around Bali speckled with coral reefs are a visual panorama as well as a swimmer’s paradise. And for those who do not want to swim in the open waters amidst coral reefs there will be a private swimming pool in every Bali holiday villa. Besides that, or for those who do not need even a water body of the size of a swimming pool, many Bali Seminyak villa will have one or more Jacuzzis as well.

For an island the size of Bali its fauna is rich and diverse. It is full of birds and from any Bali holiday villa tourists can often see egrets and herons and wake up to their notes. There are several genera of amphibians and reptiles to make the Bali stay interesting for biologists and photographers. The Bali zoo is not very large but they have lions, tigers, leopards, deer, camels, monkeys, and several species of exotic birds. The zoo is worth a visit for those who are enjoying a getaway at a Bali Seminyak villa.

Buggy tours are arranged in some parts of the island to let interested people explore on their own those parts of Bali that retain all its original purity. Special vehicles, which can be driven through all types of terrains, will be provided to the users for this purpose. After test driving the vehicle, tourists will be allowed its use for about two hours through places that will expose them to nature in its fullest. The drive that starts near the place known as Payangan is not too far away for those staying in a Bali Seminyak villa.

There is also provision for sea exploration at Bali. Tourists will be given guidance by a sea walker instructor, and will be given kneepads, boots, and a sea walker helmet with the help of which they can see fish and other creatures close up. They will be taken down to a depth of maximum 15 feet to see underwater life. Even marine cameras are provided on rent for those who require it for photographing the area.

Above all, a Bali holiday villa is economical as well. Compared to the price of a well-endowed hotel room in the more crowded places if the island, a customer can get so much more space, comfort, and courteous staff at a Bali Seminyak villa. Simply put, when you stay in a Bali Seminyak villa, you get to enjoy the best things Bali can offer.

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