Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Tower

When it was built, in 1958, the Tokyo Tower must have been a monster, it is 333 metres approximately 1093 feet high. By design 13 metres (43 feet) more than the Eiffel Tower, it looms over Tokyo’s low-rise skyline. Since then, a great deal of the tower’s original magic has been lost, as a succession of increasingly tall skyscrapers and high rises has blunted the novelty of high buildings, and taken the edge off the view from the top.

The tower itself was designed as a television and radio mast, and still performs this function to this day. But it was also intended to echo the more famous tower in Paris – a comparison that Tokyo Tower’s current owners are still fond of making. A more apt comparison, however, might be with Britain’s Blackpool tower, since the attractions inside – a waxwork museum, aquarium, Hollywood Collection, Trick Art Gallery, Mysterious Walking World and hologram gallery – mean there’s a lot more tat than class about the tower these days. Still, it looks undeniably lovely when illuminated at night.

The tower is located in Shiba Park, which is in Minato region in Tokyo, Japan. Every year over two million tourists come to visit the Tokyo Tower. In addition to the tourist attraction side shows, the tower has 2 observation decks. There is one two-story deck which is about one-hundred and fifty metres above the city. There is also a second smaller deck which is located at about two hundred and fifty metres above the city. This smaller deck is a circular observatory which is encased by a circular glass wall which allows people to have a beautiful view of the city.

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