Don’t Forget Sarah Marshall When You Book Hawaii Hotels

When television series or movies are filmed in your local area, it’s hard not to watch with an eye to the background. Picking out familiar locations is a past time of many viewers, not only because it’s a sense of pride when your neighbourhood is on the big screen but because it’s fun to point out where they went wrong (“they drove down High street then turned left onto Main but those two streets don’t meet!”) Some of your favourite movies might not have been filmed in your local area, so it’s fun to visit them when you’re on holidays. Hawaii has been home to over 200 film sets since around 1913, and it’s been recently that the movie industry is getting ready to take over the islands. If you want a vacation fit for a movie star, or at least a movie character, then look no further than the Turtle Bay resort.

With its 858 acres, the resort gives holiday makers the opportunity to see Hawaii without having to leave their hotel; it’s like a small city! Guests can enjoy surfing lessons, golfing, tennis, and horseback riding all within the confines of the hotel. You can snorkel and surf in the beach, and when you’ve warn yourself out you can relax with a nice drink by the pool. Of course, most of your time will be spent looking at the locations of the movie. This film was extensively shot at the resort, with only scenes set on the mainland at the beginning and end of the film filmed off shore. Turtle Bay starts as itself in the movie, so you can see where the characters met each other, eat where they had dinner, and surf and swim where they too learned to do that. Turtle Resort has been home to other movies and TV series such as Hawaii 5-0.

Fans of many recent TV series know that Hawaii is the place to go to see where many of your favourites were shot. The entire series of LOST and both versions of Hawaii 5-0 were filmed on Oahu. An episode of the 2010 Hawaii 50 features the lobby of The Kahala Hotel & Resort, and there are tours that are LOST specific where you can take a bus around the island and see where important events occurred. There are also similar Hawaii hotels where you can visit the sets of blockbuster movies.

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