Oahu Cities

Oahu Island has so many cities and towns. However, only three cities really stand out because of their uniqueness and attractions as well as development. The cities of Honolulu, Waikiki and Haleiwa on the North Shore are the major cities in Oahu. Oahu is one of the main islands in Hawaii and a major tourist attraction for millions all over the world.


Honolulu is located on the south coast of Oahu Island in the Central Pacefic Ocean. It is also the capital of Hawaii, one of the major states in the United States of America. Not only is Honolulu the largest city in Hawaii, it is also the considered the “largest” city in the world. Of course that is subject to debate but considerig Hawaii’s state constitution which clearly says that any island not named under a particular county belongs to Honolulu. Thus, the whole Oahu Island inclusive of all the other tiny unoccupied North Western Hawaiian Islands can be counted as part of Honlolulu. Honlolulu is 4195 km west of Los Angeles and the population in the year 2000 was at 371657.

Seventy three percent of the Hawaaian state population lives in Oahu where Honolulu is located. The word Honolulu was coined from two words; “hono” meaning “protected otherwise protected” and “lulu” meaning “bay. ” Hence “Honolulu” simply means a “protected bay. ” Honlulu’s average temperature is always ranging between 22. 2 – 27. 2 C, thus can be considered enjoyable throughout the year.

Honolulu also has several districts including the popular town of Waikiki although Waikiki itself is considered a city. Honolulu as since become the Business center of Hawaii because of the many Hotels and buldings plus shopping centers.


Haleiwa has an humble beginning because it was established by the missionaires in 1832. Rev. and Mrs John Emerson were behind the bulding of this great town. Subsequently, the town started to grow with the bulding of the Oahu Railroad and the Haleiwa Hotel in 1899. This old-fashioned town has become a dream shoping place for crafts, art and surfing equipments. Haleiwa has many unique and interesting spots to visit;you get to visit the Haleiwa Museum and see stunning paintings by famous master seascape artist Walfrido displayed at the North Short Art Gallery.

There are breathtaking paintings by master seascape artist, Walfrido, featured at North


This wonderful town is the visitor destination in the whole of Hawaii. Nearly all the Hotels found in Oahu are situated in waikiki. Waikiki has several beaches but also boosts of several restaurants and shopping centers. This man made cape spans 450 acres of dream vacation paradise. This previously swampland has since been turned into prime island real estate after the completion of the Ali Wai Canal.

In conclusion, Oahu has several wonderful cities apart from Honolulu that are worth a visit. The beautiful town of Kaneohe is also very popular among visitors and locals as well.

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