When to Travel to China – Choosing an Ideal Time to Travel to the Destination of Your Choice

Some countries have their own popular and less popular seasons to visit, usually based on the particular time of year. If you do not like the weather conditions during your planned travel period, you might make plans to visit another part of the world instead. However, China is an exception. Being the third largest country in the world, it has a wide variety of offerings in its different regions, which have vastly different climates and weather conditions.

Hence you will certainly find excellent sights and activities regardless of when you choose to visit. With such diverse offerings to choose from, it is a good idea to find out which parts of China suit your preferences at your chosen time of travel. Here, I shall guide you in deciding when you may want to travel to China.

General and specific weather conditions for different seasons

Broadly speaking, most people visit China in all seasons except winter. The spring and autumn usually have pleasant temperatures of between 10-22°C with generally clear skies and less rain. It is hence advisable to wear slightly thicker clothing or bring a windbreaker in case of unpredictable weather.

The summer can see considerably higher temperatures with a high amount of rainfall, which makes an umbrella or raincoat an essential item to bring. Needless to say, the winters can be harsh with extremely low temperatures, especially if you venture up north.

Generally, as you get further from the coast, you will experience more extreme temperatures, hence do be prepared. That being said, do monitor the news for the latest weather conditions in your destination.

Northern China, which includes the capital Beijing, usually experiences six months of warm temperatures and frigid temperatures, usually below freezing, from December through March. When you travel to this region in spring or summer, do be prepared for the occasional occurrence of dust storms. Do bring along some additional medication if you have respiratory problems.

In central China, do be prepared for scorching temperatures in the summer in places such as Chongqing, Wuhan and Shanghai. The winters are relatively short but can be very cold as well, including in Shanghai. You will experience a high amount of rainfall in this region.

Southern China, which includes Guangzhou and Hainan Island, has among the hottest and most humid summers in China. However, their winters are short and mild although you will experience lower temperatures the further inland you go.

Number of visitors in your chosen destination

Another factor that you may consider while planning when to visit China is the number of visitors to the attractions that you plan to visit. Bigger crowds of tourists are generally expected during the warmer seasons as mentioned earlier, peaking during the high seasons.

These include the Golden Weeks when many locals travel in conjunction with the national celebrations of the Lunar New Year in spring and National Day in early October.

Travelling during the winter might be a good idea to not only avoid the crowds, but also have the opportunity to participate in some exciting winter festivals. One such prominent festival is the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, where you can admire some of the most breathtaking ice and snow sculptures while participating in winter sports such as ice-skating and sledding.

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